Olivia BizTM

Expense reports done in seconds

Key features

  • Scan receipts
    Reduce manual encoding
  • Dictate an expense
    Simply say something like “Olivia, nag-Grab ako kahapon, 250 pesos”
  • Cash advance tracking
    Reconcile expenses with advances
  • Auto generate reports
    In spreadsheet format, already sorted by date
  • Eliminate need for photocopying
    Link to receipt image in the cloud included in report
  • Remote work friendly
    Generate and send expense reports from wherever you are

Fields Extracted

  • Merchant name
  • Business style
  • Merchant TIN
  • Date of transaction
  • OR number
  • Total amount
  • VATable amount
  • VAT amount
  • VAT exempt amount

Significant Time Savings

Manual Process

  • Gather receipts
  • Sort by date
  • Fill-in expense form
  • Photocopy receipts
  • Print expense form
  • Compile receipt and form
  • Submit to accounting
60-90 minutes


Using Olivia Mobile App

  • Scans receipts
  • Submit to accounting with link to receipt image
5 minutes


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