Olivia BizTM

Expense reports done in seconds

Key features

  • Stop losing receipts
    Scan receipts with your phone before you lose them or they fade. Details are extracted and auto-filled into expense reports. Our technology recognizes Philippine receipts and language.
  • Generate expense reports
    Eliminate manual encoding into Excel. Generated reports include merchant name, date, amount, OR number, TIN, VAT details and address. Expenses are also auto-categorized.
  • Automate approvals
    Submit reports and make approvals even when you are not in the office. Approve by expense line item or by entire report. Duplicate detection minimizes the possibility of fraudulent claims.
  • Easily access receipts and invoices
    The Intelligent Search feature allows you to find documents just by typing in category, merchant name, TIN, remarks and other fields.
  • Eliminate double work for accounting staff
    Disbursement reports can be generated in a few clicks. 
  • Integrate with your HRIS system
    In connecting OliviaXpense with your existing systems, your company will have a single platform that consolidates spend data and speeds up processes. 

Fields Extracted

  • Merchant name
  • Business style
  • Merchant TIN
  • Date of transaction
  • OR number
  • Total amount
  • VATable amount
  • VAT amount
  • VAT exempt amount

Significant Time Savings

Manual Process

  • Gather receipts
  • Sort by date
  • Fill-in expense form
  • Photocopy receipts
  • Print expense form
  • Compile receipt and form
  • Submit to accounting
60-90 minutes


Using Olivia Mobile App

  • Scans receipts
  • Submit to accounting with link to receipt image
5 minutes


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